Missing in the Emerald Triangle

On Tuesday night, The True Crime Beat podcast went live — and the episode was about the missing and murdered women of Humboldt County, California. The disappearances of several women remain unsolved in what is known as “The Emerald Triangle,” and some people are referring to them as the Humboldt Missing Five. Chelsea Hoffman discussed the basics of these tragically-forgotten cases in a 30-minute-long broadcast.

“Mystery in the Emerald Triangle” covered the disappearances for Christine Walters, Danielle Bertolini and several others — including the possibility that a serial killer is responsible for these unsolved cases.

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Over the course of nearly 30 years, more than five women have vanished and have either turned up murdered, or not found at all. The area surrounding Eureka, California appears to be a hotbed of these cases. Will we ever find out what’s going on?

Listen to the half-hour-long podcast!

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